4 All Natural DIY Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are some of the worst offenders of toxic chemicals.  I dare you to grab one in your house and look at the ingredients on the back, you will be terrified by what you see.  Knowing this I have put together 4 alternatives to those harmful sprays.  All simple, easy, and effective.

1. DIY…Make your own spray!

All you need is

Fill up you Spray bottle with 20-40 drops of your essential oil, depending on if you have a 2oz or 4 oz spray bottle.  Then fill a quarter of the bottle with rubbing alcohol or Vodka, the other rest with water and Viola, you have Your Own Air freshener!!

Shake well before each use and enjoy a toxic-free world!

2. Use a Diffuser

A diffuser can be placed anywhere in the home and again you get to choose your aroma.  Whichever oil is your favorite use it!  I really love this diffuser because it works well and it looks beautiful in the home!  Check it out!

You Can also make your own Diffuser, here is a Tutorial on how...DIY Diffuser

3. Make a Scent Jar!

Take your favorite smelling fruit or herbs place in a mason jar and fill with water.  And when you are ready for the aroma, pour into a pot and cook on the stovetop for the wonderful smell to spread throughout the house.  (Store Mason jars with scent mixtures in fridge for 1-2 weeks or freezer for 2 weeks tops)  Here is a Tutorial on how to make these at The Yummy Life.

4. Mini Mason Scent Jar

All you need is

Place 1 TBSP Baking Soda in Mini Mason Jar.  Then drop 10-20 drops essential oils in and mix together.  Baking soda may look a bit clumpy.  I used Lemon and Lime because citrus oils are great Air Cleansers.  Once mixed together, place tissue or cloth on top and twist the lid back on.  Viola, you have an easy Air freshener!

Get out there and Experiment!  Find out which Air freshener works best for your home!  Share below or on Facebook which one you like best!


Katie Bell


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