7 Tips to Bring Movement into your Busy Life

Are you busy?  I know I am, life is crazy at times.  We have all been told that movement is important.  We all understand we have to move.So how do we fit it into our crazy lives?  This definitely feels difficult at times; however, it may not be as hard as you think.  Some days it seems like time is not there, then some days it is and we just can’t figure out what to do, and some days we just forget it all together.  I have been through all those days and I used to think movement meant I had to do at least 30 minutes of a workout each day.  Like a coordinated workout.  Well I was wrong.  So I made the choice to figure out how movement can come into my day in ways that were simple and easy. This is what I found that worked…

1.Get an exercise ball and use it as your desk chair.  I love using the exercise ball!  I can actually feel the tension in my back leave when I use it as a chair.  This works because your hips move when sitting on the ball as part of keeping your balance.  Using an exercise ball as your chair also helps support good posture.  You can’t slouch and if you do you slide off the ball.  It’s a fool proof plan.  In fact its so great why stop at using it for a desk chair….bring it home sit on it instead of the couch while watching tv.


2.Take a walk.  Think about where in your day you can walk.  Take the long way to the bathroom.  Walk around the office.Is it nice outside?  Great.  Take a walk outside, enjoy the fresh air (This can be self-care too!Making Time for you).  Walk around the couch when watching tv.  When walking is an Option do it!

3.Use the Stairs.  When stairs are an option take them.  Use the stairs at home, run up the stairs or down the stairs.  Walk up the stairs and skip every other stair, making it more intense.  Using the stairs gets your heart rate up and your whole body moving.

4.Play!  Are there children in your life?  Play with them, play tag or any fun game that gets you moving and laughing.  Play a sport you always loved, there are co-ed sports leagues everywhere.  Playing is one of the best ways to incorporate movement because it is fun, exciting, often it means spending time with ones we love and it brings a smile to our faces.

5.Quick workouts.  You can do quick 5 minute workouts here and there throughout the day when you have time.  Do a quick stretch at your desk.  Do a 5 minute workout when the commercials come on the tv.  Do 5 minutes before you take a lunch break.  Do 5-10 minutes while dinner is cooking.  When you have 5 minutes consider a quick workout.  I think you will be surprised how easily 5 minutes can fall into your schedule.

6.Make a routine.  You know how your days go and what fills them.  Be real with yourself and figure out when you can carve out 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes to move, whatever that movement may be.

7.Don’t be so hard on yourself.  It’s okay to miss a day.  Remember no one is perfect and life happens.  Just try your best!

We need movement in our lives, it doesn’t have to be difficult though.  Take these 7 tips and find what works for you in your daily life.  Throw movement in where you can and always remember you can make it happen.  Keep in mind sometimes that quick movement is what we need to reenergize and make it through the day.  So Get Moving!


Katie Bell



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