8 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Diet

1. Experiment! Try new foods, try new recipes…Make eating Healthy Fun.  You may not like it or you may love it.  Be Open to what different foods may offer you.

2. Cut yourself a break. Yes it’s okay to eat some not so healthy foods every now and then.  If we don’t treat ourselves a healthy diet turns into something we despise.  Have that piece of cake or scoop of ice cream, just in moderation. Eat 80/20,  80% healthy and 20% give yourself a break.

3. Journal, write down how you feel after eating certain foods. This will make it easier for you to remember that there are foods you need to avoid. 


4. Take it slow. Ease into the healthy diet.  Take it one step at a time.  Start with more home cooking or eliminating processed foods.  Don’t do it all at once, it’s too much and it will become stressful and overwhelming.  Give yourself time to grow into the healthy diet don’t rush it.  It took how many years to get where you are now, let yourself have some time.  Transformation is not easy.

5. Remember everyone is different. Create a diet that is healthy for you not what is healthy for your friend.  Now they may match up and they may not.  Take tips and pointers from others, just don’t be tied down to only what works for them because it may not work for you.  An example, personally I love avocados and they are packed with nutrients however the texture is strange for some people so an avocado wouldn’t be good for them. Another example, having dairy in moderation is okay for me and my health although it has a different effect on others.  It’s your body, your life, your health…remember that.

6. Eat the Rainbow! Keep a variety of foods in your daily meals.  When you have variety it keeps you from getting bored, it keeps things interesting.  This ties in with tip 1, if you continue to experiment the variety of foods you eat will continue to grow. 

7. Be curious! Ask Questions and learn what healthy means to you.  What foods work best in your daily life, what fulfills your cravings and so on.  There are always new findings about foods that are healthy.  Be aware of what’s happening so you never run out of healthy options.  And there is so much out there already to learn.

8. Plan ahead! Before you go to the grocery store sit down and plan your meals for the week.  I know it sounds like a pain, it truly helps to maintain healthy eating though.  Even if you just plan out your dinners.  When you set a plan for the week it eliminates the question, “What’s for dinner?”. When you’re so hungry anything sounds good.  You wake up in the morning knowing the plan and so there is no stress.  Plan at the beginning of the week before the grocery store and then you will be prepared and ready for the week. 


Katie Bell

PS You can do it!


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