DIY: Dish Soap

Why not make your own dish soap…Less or no chemicals, just as effective and added bonus homemade dish soap is much gentler on your skin.  You only need four items to make your own dish soap. (Below are affiliate links)

dish soap 2

I used 2 cups of castile soap and 1 cup of water.

15 drops of Lemon Essential oil – for its cleaning/detoxing properties.

And 10 drops of Wild Orange Essential oil – for its uplifting abilities.

Shake up and you have dish soap…Simple, easy, and much safer in your home.  Enjoy!


Side Note:  Usually essential oils should not be anywhere near plastic however my dispenser if a hard plastic and it has held up fine with the essential oils.

Side Note 2: I realized after I made my dish soap I did not use a tinted glass bottle, this is important because you do not want the essential oils in direct sunlight.


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