How to get Started with a Healthy Diet

The word Healthy diet can be daunting.  And it is often overwhelming too.  It doesn’t have to be difficult though.  It can actually be quite simple.  You want to start small and grow into healthy eating.  When I first dove into healthy eating I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it.  It seemed like too much and it seemed boring and horrible.  Then I did it anyway and I was pleasantly surprised with what healthy eating was and the plethora of healthy options.  As I took on this journey I found 4 keys to beginning a healthy diet. 


It all starts with commitment.  Make a commitment to yourself to eat healthy and hold yourself accountable.  This is something you want and your health is important to you so commit.  A healthy diet isn’t for a week or a month it’s a lifetime and it may change throughout that lifetime.  Commit to try new foods, to be open minded, and to give it time.  Give your healthy diet at least 30 days before giving up.  Give it time to see a difference in you…your body and mind. 

Step by Step

This is tough because so many of us want it all right away.  Trust me, take your time.  Start with one aspect of your diet and then move forward.  You could start by adding new foods into your diet or eliminating foods.  You could start by just changing one meal of the day and then move on to a second meal.   You could start with cooking at home more often.  The first step is for you to choose, what will be simple to implement into your life.  Start simple and then get into the tougher steps. 


Make a plan.  The first few weeks and maybe months will be hard because you are creating a new routine.  So take the time each week to plan out what you will eat that week.  This eliminates questions, this helps to stay on track, and it really truly saves money.  When you plan ahead for the week, you have everything you need for meals and snacks.  No last minute grocery trips to get one thing that ends up in $70 spent.  It will keep you grounded.


Take a deep breathe, you can do this and you will do it.  Let go of perfection and start where you are at and grow from there.  This is your healthy diet so let it fit into your life.  What works for others doesn’t mean it will work for you.  Explore, experiment and create a healthy diet for you. And most importantly let yourself be “bad” sometimes.  Treat yourself, just be sure to balance.

As you jump into the journey of a healthy diet be easy on yourself and take it day by day.  Remember the 80/20 rule.  80 percent healthy and 20 percent a little less healthy.  Perfection isn't real so let that go and enjoy the adventure.


Katie Bell



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