Healthy Foods I Never Thought I'd Like

When beginning to eat healthy I had many second thoughts, many questions, and many times second guessed my choice.  There were many foods I looked at and said no way.  I was very closed minded in the beginning.  Once I started to try foods I began to realize how much I had been missing out on.  Here are some of the foods I struggled with in the beginning. 


Oh my I was so scared of these things.  I thought its mushy and messy and green.  And then I tried it and I fell in love.  I don’t personally like avocados in smoothies I believe it gives a weird flavor.  However I use avocados instead of mayonnaise.  My favorite uses are turkey sandwich, chicken salad, with eggs, of course chips and Guacamole. 


Just the word beets sounded awful not to mention how they look.  What was I supposed to do with a beet?  They are purple though, so I gave them a try.  Purples my favorite color after all.  And on the inside beets are quite beautiful.  I found beets to be great.  They have a bit of an earthly taste, very tasty though.  Beets are a great addition to salads, you can make pickled beets (awesome!), or slice them up and make beet chips.


All I remembered about spinach was gaging as I was told to eat all my vegetables at dinner.  Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!  Then I found baby spinach and being the brave woman I am I tried it.  No I did not cook it and my first try was in a smoothie.  I was surprise at how spinach can easily be hidden.  I love it with a salad or in a smoothie.


Ahh Kale!  The dreaded Kale.  Similar to spinach, I just though yuck!  I tried it anyway.  Kale is actually quite bland, which makes it easy to add into almost anything.  It’s easy to add flavor to kale.  Experiment with spices or make Kale chips.  I also love Kale in a salad.  Kale is a great addition to a smoothie as well.

Fermented Foods

First thought on fermented foods…Yuck!  I hate the smell of vinegar and most fermented foods have vinegar in them.  Too strong of a smell means too strong of a taste.  I was totally closed minded to this.  Not to mention some fermented foods usually sit for a while to age and gain all of their positive health benefits such as probiotics, good bacteria.  Then I had this amazing food bowl called Bibimbap, Wow! It had pickled carrots.  I fell in love!  Fermented foods are anything from Pickles to sauerkraut to Kombucha.   There is such a variety basically you can pickle anything and it is a fermented food.  Fermented food is great for gut health.  They help with digestion and it also helps food last longer.  Click Here to learn more about Fermented Foods. 

The truth is making a lifestyle change is tough, there is no way around it.  Trying new foods doesn’t have to be.  When we open up to the possibility.  So what if you don’t like it, don’t eat it again. You should give it a chance though…You may be surprised.


Katie Bell

PS.  Whats your favorite Healthy foods?



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