Natural Solution to Quit Smoking

Are you trying to quit smoking?  Have a friend trying to quit?  Smoking is a habit that kills…a very popular one at that.  Of course there are many options out there, most just as unnatural as the cigarettes.  Now the e-cigarettes are on the rise.  Secret I have heard they are not better then cigarettes they have lots of chemicals in them too.  The idea of the e-cigarette is good; it is really just a vaporizer.  However the liquid that you fill it with determines if it is good or bad.  When you are serious about quitting, why put more chemicals in your body…

As I am always looking for natural solutions and I found one!  There is a natural solution to quit smoking!  Black Pepper and Clove Essential Oils are great in helping relieve the Cigarette Smoking Addiction.  Black Pepper essential Oil aids in reducing cravings and helps with withdrawal symptoms.  Clove Essential Oil helps lengthen the time period between cravings.  I have a friend who has been using both for months and has successfully quit smoking.

The best way to quit smoking with these essential oils is to use the Aji Sparq.  It is a vaporizer sort of like the e-cigarettes except you are not using harsh chemicals; you use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  The creators of the Aji Sparq Tim Gates and Lucas Hoge, created the Aji Sparq for a way to Use doTerra Essential Oils to aid in allergy relief and chronic dry throat.  This is an amazing product that can be used for many reasons and I encourage you to find lots of different reasons to use it.

Three reasons to use the Aji Sparq, Black Pepper Essential Oil, and Clove Essential Oil

An infinite amount of reasons to Quit Smoking…What are you waiting for take this natural solution and run with it!

Quit Smoking Blend


Katie Bell