Natural Solutions for a Hang Over

Hang Over

From time to time some enjoy a glass of wine or a beer and on certain holidays maybe we go overboard a little….in any case it is nice to have a natural solution to a hangover if it so happens.

First and foremost beyond anything else, I recommend Coconut Water!  Ten Times better for you then Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, all those drinks.  Coconut water is packed with natural electrolytes.  When getting coconut water make sure it is natural, pure, not from concentrate.

Common Hang over issues Headache, upset stomach, over all blah…

Papaya – This little papaya supplement taste like a sweet tart and does wonders for your upset stomach.  It is tried and proven by many people in my life.  Not only for a hangover, many other uses as well.

  • Take 2-4 once a day or as instructions on bottle recommend.
  • Can be found in most Drug Stores

Lemon Essential Oil – Great for Detoxifying!  Supporting your body with removing the toxins from the night before

  • Rub on bottoms of the Feet
  • Drop in Water/Coconut Water (If you have a brand approved for internal use)

Tension Blend Essential Oil – Supporting your body in Tension Relief.

  • Roll or rub on back of neck and/or temples

Peppermint/Ginger Essential Oil – Assists with stomach upset

  • Rub on bottoms of Feet
  • Drop in water or Coconut water (if you have a brand approved for internal use)

Not an Essential Oil Person, that’s okay try this

Ginger Tea made with Coconut water and Tablespoon of Lemon Juice

  • Ginger Tea Bag or a couple slices fresh ginger and boil in coconut water
  • Squeeze fresh Lemon Juice

Okay so drink that Coconut Water, eat some greens, and get your rest.  Good Luck!

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