Recycle your Tennis Shoes

Do you have old Tennis Shoes that cannot be worn?  What will you do with them?  I posed this question to myself several times.  I asked around, what can be done with old tennis shoes.  I could not accept that you just throw them away to fill up some landfill somewhere.  I thought there has got to be something to do, some way to recycle or repurpose old tennis shoes.  So I started to research and to my surprise I found an answer quite quickly. Nike actually has a reuse a shoe program!  Now before you get all grossed out thinking Nike takes your old smelly Tennis Shoes and makes new shoes with it that is not how the program works.  Nike actually grinds up all the tennis shoes and uses them to make Sports fields.  They transform your old Tennis Shoes into a material called Nike Grind.  This material is used to make basketball courts, running tracks, turf fields, and playgrounds.  This is amazing!  Never again do we need to throw old Tennis Shoes in the trash to just sit in a landfill.  We can recycle them!

There a two ways to Recycle your Tennis Shoes to Nike.  You can send them through the mail or take them to almost any US Nike or Converse store.  Check it out

This is some awesome stuff, don’t mess around…Recycle your old Tennis Shoes!  Save the environment one Tennis Shoe at a time!

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