The Truth about Clean Eating

I feel like if you asked a group of people if they were up for Clean eating you would get maybe one or two people to say yes.  This is because there is this shadow lurking behind those words “Clean Eating”.  Even I myself thought woah seems like too much for me to dive into.  Nobody has time for that I thought.  Then of course I trained to be a Health Coach and learned what it actually meant to Eat “Clean”. 

Lets debunk this myths about eating “Clean”…Here is what I have learned.  Clean Eating means no heavily processed foods.  No white flour, no highly processed sugar, no refined grains, limited alcohol.  Which sounds like everything, right?  No absolutely not!  I promise you that clean eating is fun and delicious. 

Just because you cant use one thing doesn’t mean there is no substitute.  No Heavily processed foods just means eat fresh, homemade foods or find a brand that has high quality food (Organic, local).  No white flour, okay your have a long list of other options.  Such as whole grain flour, wheat flour, coconut flour, almond flour.  All of which make delicious foods.  No highly processed sugar, try organic sugar, coconut sugar, or local honey to name a few options.  Refined grains are heavily processed which would be bread, so instead get fresh baked bread (Rye, Sourdough).  Use whole wheat pasta or veggies as noodles.  The point is just because eating clean means you don’t eat certain foods doesn’t mean you can have your favorite pasta dish or a blueberry muffin, it means you switch up the ingredients.


Next myth, it’s time consuming.  Sure it can be, it doesn’t have to be.  Plan and prep.  Actually when you plan ahead for you meals you save money and cooking because simple and easy.  Forget the 30 minutes to an hour you spend every night trying to figure out what’s for dinner.  Plan on Sunday for the whole week, go to the grocery store and you’re set.  You have everything you need which eliminates extra time and money spent at the store for one ingredient and it also eliminates the last minute “I’m starving lets order out,”.  You can do this, use your resources.  It may be tough at first, but you will begin to fall into a routine.

Clean eating is overwhelming…Not!  When we try to be perfect it is very overwhelming, just as anything in life is when we expect perfection.  Let it go. Perfection isn’t real, take it one step at a time.  Eliminate processed foods, the sugar, then refined grains.  Don’t try to do it all at once.  Change is hard so give yourself a break.


It’s all about balance!  To eat clean doesn’t mean never ever touch that cupcake made with white refined flour.  No no no in all seriousness please eat it.  Just create a balance, don’t eat the cupcake every day at every meal.  The more we tell ourselves no the harder it becomes and then the no often turns into a craze of bad eating.  So balance it out.  Eat healthy most of the time and have a cupcake, cookie or brownie when the time comes.  When you do go out or to a party enjoy it and then get back to your clean eating tomorrow. 

I must say eating clean was scary to me for so long and then I learned about it and I jumped into it.  I love the way I feel eating food that is good for me.  The real truth is the only way Clean eating works is balance.  I have ice cream and cake and cookies just not all the time.  Explore the options, experiment in the kitchen, let go of the fear and try clean eating…one step at a time. 


Katie Bell



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