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All Bracelets, Wrist Wraps and Necklaces are made with High Quality Gemstone or Wood Beads. Find out what each piece is for and mantras to use with them. Mala Jewelry is made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads.

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Grounded Strength Wrist Wrap

Blue Lace Agate & Lava Rock

Be grounded and connected to the thoughts and feelings of your higher self.  Blue Lace Agate and Lava Rock allow for negativity to dissipate and clear communication to occur.  Blue Lace Agate surrounds with a nurturing energy which inspires trust in ourselves, in our soul being. When we trust ourselves, we can communicate clearly our thoughts and emotions.  This stone calms and centers allow for peace of mind and confidence.  Lava Rock helps us release our anger and balance our emotions. A grounding stone used for tranquility and relaxation.  Lava Rock brings about calmness as well as strength.  Some great mantras to use with the Grounded Strength Wrist Wrap are I am grounded and strong, I am calm and confident, My True Self is Guiding Me, My Communication is Clear. 

This is a 54 bead Mala Wrist Wrap made with quality 8mm & 6mm gemstone beads.  One Size Fits All Stretch Bracelet.


Opportune Awareness Bracelet

Green Aventurine & Howlite

Become aware of the opportunities that surround you.  Green Aventurine and Howlite together allow our eyes to open and see with a focused and calm mind and heart.  Green Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and the luckiest of all crystals.  It releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so we can grow.  Green Aventurine comforts and heals the heart bring inner harmony as we venture into new opportunities.  Howlite eases our anxieties of the mind and tensions in the body. It helps the mind focus facilitating awareness.  Together these stones allow us to become aware of the opportunities in front of us and the calm focus to embrace change.  Some great mantras to use with the Opportune Awareness Bracelet are I am Aware and Focused, There are opportunities all around me, I release my old habits and embrace change, I am Lucky. 

This is a 27 bead Mala Bracelet made with quality 8mm & 6mm gemstone beads.  One Size Fits All Stretch Bracelet.


Positive Chakra Bracelet

Lava Rock, Carnelian, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, & Howlite

Release negative energy in the chakras and create balance through your entire being.  The positive chakra bracelet is mad with lava rock and 1 stone for each Chakra.  Carnelian for the Root Chakra grounding and stabilizing. Citrine for the Sacral Chakra bring joy and awakening creativity.  Tigers Eye for the Solar Plexus giving courage to take action.  Rose Quartz for the Heart Chakra bringing healing and connection to all forms of love.  Lapis Lazuli for the Throat Chakra allowing for self-expression and revealing the inner truth.  Amethyst for the Third Eye Chakra protecting against psychic attack and calming the mind to aid in meditation.  Howlite for the Crown Chakra linking to higher spiritual consciousness.   Lava Rock Promotes relaxation and stability throughout times of change.  It pulls out negativity allowing for rebirth and renewal.  Some great mantras to use with the Positive Chakra Bracelet are I release Negativity, I am balanced, All my chakras are open, I am surrounded by positivity, I allow for renewal.

This is a 27 bead Mala Bracelet made with quality gemstone beads. One Size Fits All Stretch Bracelet


Vision of Truth Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli & Amethyst

Envision your inner truth with a calm protected mind.  Lapis Lazuli reveals your inner truth by encouraging self-awareness.  Known as the stone of truth it stimulates our desire for knowledge, truth and understanding. Amethyst calms the mind and helps break our bad habits and limiting beliefs.  It protects against negative energies allowing for healing and inner connection.  Some great mantras to use with the Vision of Truth Bracelet are. My mind is calm, I connect to my inner truth, My vision is clear, I am protect.   

This is an 27 bead Mala Bracelet made with quality gemstone beads. One Size Fits All Stretch Bracelet


Motivated Calm

Howlite & Carnelian

Restore calm, motivation and vitality to mind body and soul. The Motivated Calm Bracelet brings us drive and stability while stimulating our creativity.  Howlite reduces anxiety, tensions and stress by encouraging us to express our emotions.  This express allows us to clear out and become aware and focused. Carnelian is a stone of stability connected to our root and sacral chakras know to connect to our ambition and determination.  It anchors us to the present moment promoting positive life choices.  Some great mantras to use with the Motivated Calm Bracelet are I trust the journey, I am present and aware, I am motivated, determined and stable. 

This is an 18 bead Mala Bracelet made with quality gemstone beads. One Size Fits All Stretch Bracelet


Sugar Scrubs

Exfoliate and Moisturize the body. These sugar scrubs are made will all natural ingredients and high quality essential oils.

Serenity Sugar Scrub - Lavender Vanilla Relaxation

Energize Sugar Scrub - Uplifting Peppermint Orange

Refreshing Sugar Scrub - Cleanse & Refresh with a splash of Lemon

8oz Glass Jar filled with Goodness

* $12 Each * 2 for $20 Sugar Scrubs * $30 Sugar Scrub and Bracelet *

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